Martin Educational Services has been assisting parents and students in the educational process since 1980. Our area of expertise extends to all venues of education (both public and private); however, we take special interest in those families who desire to educate their children at home. These families do not usually have the availability of school guidance counselors and special needs services. We specialize in diagnosis and remediation of specific learning disabilities, other learning challenges, and determining learning styles. As a homeschooling family for 22 years, we see the need to provide quality educational services to homeschooling families.
We support families in making informed educational decisions about the type of education would work best for them. If that decision involves home education, we assist them in selecting curriculum that best fits the teaching parent and the home schooled student. Our extensive knowledge of the homeschool market and experience in individualized instruction aid in making those decisions.
As an educational consultant working with children for over 35 years, we have seen many children who are just developmentally behind a little. Solution: give it some time and they’ll get there. We have also seen some who really are struggling academically and really do need some help. Our experience in evaluation of these learning challenges and tailoring curriculum and methods to those needs is vital to the educational process. Because of our experiences and knowledge, we are able to provide comprehensive evaluations and consultations that are home school friendly. We also administer standardized achievement tests and are able to offer individualized settings, if needed.

Throughout the traditional school year, we provide support for home schooling families through small classes (usually 10 students), including Composition, Advanced Composition, American and British Literature, US and World History, Government and Economics, and more. These high school classes remain small in order to provide individualized instruction and promote mastery of concepts.
Families with high school students need assistance with college and life preparation. We provide guidance counseling that extends to long-range planning, curriculum selection, transcript preparation, and tutoring. We also provide individualized counseling for high school students who have, for whatever reason, lost credits in a traditional school setting. We provide credit recovery opportunities with the goal of achieving a high school diploma.
Martin Educational Services, LLC offers tutoring individual students of all ages who need assistance with academic subjects, including reading, decoding, comprehension, written expression, and social studies. In order to experience success in school, students may also benefit from academic coaching in study and test-taking skills, planning and organizing their work and learning how to schedule their time.